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Over 1100 Exams Officers and Senior Leaders attended our training events in 2017/18

Specialist training for Exams Office staff

Exams Training work in collaboration with awarding organisations to deliver a series of training courses for both new and experienced exams officers, SLT and invigilators on behalf of Exams Training throughout the 2018/19 academic year.


The experts who launched The Exams Office are responsible for course content and delivery. They have experience as exams officers, members of SLT, devising and delivering DfE exams policies and initiatives, leading government exams support field teams, and creating good practice exam guides which are followed by more than 3000 schools/colleges. The team also consists of awarding body personnel and ex-JCQ inspectors. They will be available throughout the day to answer your questions.



Courses have been arranged specifically for:

New Exams Officers

Experienced Exams Officers

Senior Leaders/Line Managers


Overseas centres


All events include at least 2 presenters with significant experience of the exams system. All presenters are highly regarded in the field of exams administration and management having served as an exams officer, DfE exams expert, JCQ inspector or as part of an awarding body centre support team.


Exams Training is working closely with The Exams Office and awarding organisations to meet their members’ requests for high-quality training at an affordable price, and therefore delegate rates have been discounted for members of The Exams Office and centres engaged in OCR/Pearson qualifications.

TEO Member/OCR Centre Discounted

Single Delegate Price £145 + vat

Two Delegates Discounted (same centre)

£255 + vat



£195 + vat (single delegate)

£345 + vat (two delegates)

Experienced Exams Officers


Exam changes (JCQ, DfE and Ofqual) for the new academic year – and the impact upon your centre

A full day course focusing upon the JCQ changes for the 2018/19 academic year from the following publications:

  • Instructions for conducting examinations
  • General Regulations for Approved Centres
  • Access arrangements and reasonable adjustments

If applicable, DfE and Ofqual changes/reforms for the new academic year will also be covered.

Changes are clearly explained by our presenters, with time allocated to discuss the impact of these changes upon your centre with your peers.

Location Date Venue Status
Birmingham 25 Sept TBC Book Now
Bristol 26 Sept TBC Book Now
London 28 Sept TBC Book Now
Leeds 2 Oct TBC Book Now
Manchester 3 Oct TBC Book Now


New Exams Officers


‘Actions for Autumn’

A full day course which focuses upon preparing new Exams Officer for the academic year. The ‘Planning’ and ‘Entries’ phases of the ‘Exams Cycle’ are explained in detail, with excellent delegate resources which will provide invaluable support upon returning to you centre.

Location Date Venue Status
Manchester 9 Oct TBC Book Now
Leeds 10 Oct TBC Book Now
London 12 Oct TBC Book Now
Birmingham 17 Oct TBC Book Now
Bristol 18 Oct TBC Book Now


‘Spring into Summer’

A full day course which prepares new Exams Officers (or those requiring a ‘refresher course’) for the summer exam series. There is also a detailed focus upon the ‘Pre-exams’, ‘Exam day(s)’ and ‘Results/post-results’ stages of the ‘Exams Cycle’.

Location Date Venue Status
Birmingham 26 Feb TBC Book Now
Bristol 27 Feb TBC Book Now
London 1 Mar TBC Book Now
Leeds 5 Mar TBC Book Now
Manchester 6 Mar TBC Book Now


Senior Leaders/Line Managers


Preparing your centre for the academic year

A full day course which supports SLT/Line Managers in ensuring that their centre is fully prepared to manage and administer assessments/examinations during the 2018/19 academic year. SLT/Line Managers gain an insight into the role of an Exams Officer, and identify how they can support their Exams Officer in ensuring that tasks are completed accurately and to awarding body deadlines.

Location Date Venue Status
London 23 Oct TBC Book Now


Getting ready for the summer exam series – ensuring that your centre is JCQ-compliant

A full day course which prepares SLT/Line Managers for the forthcoming summer exam series. The role played by SLT/Line Managers in supporting their Exams Officers is highlighted. Delegates focus upon the ‘Pre-exams period’, key aspects of each exams day (such as candidate malpractice and contingency measures), and the results/post-results process within their centre.

Location Date Venue Status
London 12 Mar TBC Book Now




Free training sessions are held for new invigilators. These sessions are held at various locations across the country from November through to April.

Please note that free places are only available for members of The Exams Office.

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In-house invigilator training


In-house invigilator training sessions are delivered by one of our team of experts from just £195. These are suitable for new and experienced invigilators, with a particular focus upon changes in JCQ’s Instructions for conducting examinations for the 2018/19 academic year.

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